No Post? Insist on your login details by phone.

December 3, 2007

I haven’t heard of anyone who has received their postal password yet.  If you have, please post a comment here so we can guage how many have actually been sent out.

We’ve had quite a few reports of people being given access to their control panel over the phone. 

If you do manage to get through on the phone, insist on identifying yourself for your password.  It is possible for Fasthosts to do this, so crack on.  I’m on hold (again) at the moment.

6 Responses to “No Post? Insist on your login details by phone.”

  1. EXFH Hosting Says:

    Well, This is just plain funny!

    I used to work for Fasthosts and I must say thinks where bad then. I got out luckily enough, now I just their control panel for a few ukdomains I have left. I start my own hosting company, it wouldn’t be pilot to post the Url, but Its funny when fasthosts changed passedwords with no warning. I look after a few clients still on the FH system and a 2k user forum went down for abou two hours – I rang and rang “Que position 25” ARGGGG doesn’t help the already frustrating situation.

    Ive not got my password and ive got a forum down

    Great Job Fasthosts

  2. MK Says:


    Got through last night after waiting for an hour and a half only to be asked my phone number. I promptly gave it to them. “Nope – that’s incorrect”. Queue frantic digging around my hosting file from 5 years ago. No idea what the number is. Is it my PNC number? Was it my old mobile number? I now reckon I know *what* it should be. When I ring them tonight, are they going to ask me any more stupid questions?

    No sign of the letter today, although 2 passwords for domains I could quite happily live without have arrived. Great!

    And the worst thing? All the time I was on hold last night they were playing a tune the lyrics of which went along the lines of:

    “Wasting my time, in the waiting line”


  3. Al Says:

    Managed to get my 3 accounts working.
    However, I coudn;t get into one of them. After waiting in the queue for 20mins I managed to figures out that a couple of accounts had been merged and that was causing the issue

    What is funny though is that the guy read back my password to me over the phone, even though a week ago I was told they didn’t have visibility of the complete password, only elements of it!!!

    Oh well I am a bit happier as I a back and running again

  4. Dean Says:

    Currently on hold to their support line so I can get my password for the control panel. I am at queue position 23 at the moment, I was at 51, 22 mins ago.. I am not getting off the phone without my password! This is a total inconvience and the way they have handled it is so unprofessional and frustrating. They don’t even have anything on the phone system advising people who have this issue. Useless!!!

  5. Susie Says:

    Have experienced all of the above frustrations with these dummies at Fasthosts, and worse. Because their domain name subsidiary, UK Reg, has messed up the automatic 2 yearly payment, (and not for the first time), my site has been parked. Because I cant get into the Fasthosts control panel, I cant do anything about it. Oh, yeah, I should have mentioned, I am one of the ‘lucky’ ones who received not one, but two letters with passwords. Only problem is neither worked. I think they are worse than useless!

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