Whois calling?

December 4, 2007

Transcript of a support call with HAL at Fasthosts Tech Support – we have this on in MP3, it’s hilarious.

Hal: Fasthosts Technical Support, Can I have your account number and PIN please?

Dave: What both? Why do you need that?

Hal: Well the account number is to identify the account, and the PIN is to be certain we can identify you as authorised to use the account.

Dave: So it’s just to identify me, to make sure it’s me.

Hal: Yes.

<details given – Hal probably reads recent notes on the account and recognises who it is>

Dave: I would like the new control panel password on my account please?

Hal: I am afraid we can’t do that sir. I think you spoke to someone earlier about this, and you know that we can’t do that.

Dave: Look, I know you have sent me a letter, but I can’t wait for that, I just need to (mumbles – ‘open the bomb bay doors hal’), and I can’t do that without my password.  Essentially this will shut down my business unless I can get it going tonight.  It’s definitely me calling, I can vouch for me.

Hal: I am afraid we can’t do that, I don’t have access to the passwords.

Dave: But a month ago, you told me the password over the phone when I forgot it.

Hal: That wasn’t me.

Dave: Look, I know you can see the password, You know you can see the password, You know it’s me, I have already identified myself.

Hal: How did you do that sir?

Dave: I qave you my account number and PIN. 

Hal: <silence>

Dave: You said that those details identified me…

Hal: <silence>

Dave: Give me my password.

Hal: I’m afraid I can’t do that sir.

Dave: Open the bomb bay doors Hal.

Hal: Sorry?

Dave: Open the bomb bay doors.


Dave: All your base.

2 Responses to “Whois calling?”

  1. whois lookup Says:

    greatful to have found this, thanks

  2. adam Says:

    This is good there just stuuupid and can’t do sh**
    I will be leaving fasthosts soon, i have a plan just incase they make it hard for me to leave. Any way thanks for sharing.

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