Hackers Delight

December 7, 2007

Oh what joy the hackers must be having this season with countless websites showing the location of files on the Fasthosts servers.

We all use Open Source web applications in some way or another.  They are often more feature rich and flexible than their paid-for equivalents, and usually written with more secure and robust code.  However there are a few well-known vulnerabilities with certain applications, delightful to hackers and irritating to website owners.

To mitigate this risk, we hide the files or obfuscate their location on web servers, and rely on the security of the hosting company not to reveal the file structure of our site.

How helpful it must be to hackers to see database connection errors such as the following, caused by Fasthosts with no chance of the website owner being able to correct the problem while the FH support lines are blocked and letters are going missing on a large scale:

Warning: mysql_pconnect(): Access denied for user ‘xxxxx’@’serverxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.livedns.org.uk’ (using password: YES) in \\nasxxxxx\domains\x\domain.com\user\htdocs\Hidden\pwds.php on line 6

How long before Fasthost hold their hands up and start to correct these errors or deal with this issue like serious professionals?


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