Mass Email Change Tool Now Available – NOT!

December 7, 2007

UPDATE: The Mass Email Change Tool IS Now Available.  Read more if you fancy a grin. 

Today, many people will have received an email that claims that a mass email change tool is now available.  The text of the email reads:


Mass email password changer tool now available   


Funny that, because the Control Panel is still showing this tool as ‘Coming Soon’:

Fasthosts Email Upload Tool

You might have thought they would have checked that it is installed first.  Not exactly confidence building stuff.

Laughable?  Not any more.  Just very silly. Are Fasthosts capable of doing anything succesfully anymore?  We reckon it’s all very scrappy down at Fasthosts HQ, what with all those headless chickens running around.

How much confidence do you have that Fasthosts can pull of this email scramble succesfully, without  scrambling passwords that have been changed since October 18th.  Our guess is that you are pretty worried about this…


UPDATE: The tool has now been installed in the FH control panel, only a few hours after this email was sent out.  We can’t help wondering if the first they heard about their ommission was in this post.  Nah…  It couldn’t be…

2 Responses to “Mass Email Change Tool Now Available – NOT!”

  1. Johhny Wogan Says:

    Fortunately I don’t have many email addresses to change, just 8 in total, and I’ve notified all of them of the passwords Fasthosts are going to use on December 13th.

    If I had more, particularly from paying customers as some people seem to have on here (resellers?), then I would be very worried indeed.

    By all reports Fasthosts has very little chance of doing the right thing technically or doing it right at all. I bet they’re not even using a fast, clean unix script for this, probably a Windows GUI specially written for the event… load csv, change passwords, write plain text, load csv, change passwords, write plain text, LOL.

    I dont think the Fasthosts team are aware of how much stress they are causing. I wonder how many genuine heart attacks or bouts of depression have been casued by this move.

  2. Anony Mouse Says:

    I am working at Fasthosts *today*. I am not sure if I want to *tomorrow*.

    It’s not looking good, and at least a few of us never agreed with the idea from day one.

    I am sure the email password change will go well, but I wouldn’t host here.

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