Technical Support Please…

December 7, 2007

If you are one of the lucky customers able to access their control panel over the last few days, you may have noticed that your Technical Support is pretty much unavailable unless you are willing to suffer more than 2 hours on the holding queue being assumed at by the repetitive statements of their Primary Objective.

OK, so leave the phones to the poor souls who can’t even get in, let’s send an email.  Just as a simple test, we submitted 10 support requests 7 days ago (Friday), almost all from different accounts we have access to or through resellers we know.

The response was pretty damning.  As far as we know, this is because email support is handled by the same people who are on the telephone lines, and lets face it they just don’t have the time.

OK, now Fasthosts state that they “aim to resolve all reseller support queries within 2 hours”, and ALL the accounts are reseller accounts. Here’s the stats.  Of the 10 emailed support requests, how many were answered in:

2 hours 0
4 hours 0
8 hours 0
12 hours 0
24 hours 0
2 days 0
4 days 0
7 days 0


In fact none of the email support requests we have submitted since last Thursday have been answered, including those that were not part of this test.  We checked around, and it’s the same story everywhere.  The total number of email support requests from our contacts that are currently unanswered totals 62.  Only one possible conclusion can be drawn from this.


(FastHosts – Go on – Prove us wrong!! – Answer that backlog) 

As a customer of Fasthosts you have no available Technical Support.  Consider requesting a refund from Fasthosts, since a major part of the product you buy is effectively missing.


This support situation will most likely anger Fasthosts Resellers, who had their private forum removed more than two months ago.  This forum was used to share ideas and collaborate on technical issues specific to the Fasthosts platform.  For a reseller, not being able answer technical questions on behalf of their customers is a significant loss of service.  As most users know, the Fasthosts platform is non-standard in many ways for PHP, ASP and ASP.NET in particular, so resellers will often have a question to ask when a new application is installed and some odd part of it is not working correctly.

Note – the forum was still being advertised as a feature of the Reseller Account until yesterday, when it mysteriously disappeared…

In November, when we asked FH why the forum is missing, we were told that it is ‘Temporarily Unavailable’ and that they had no idea if it would ever be restored, or when.  Now that’s funny!!  The largest hosting company in the UK claims that it is unable to host a simple forum, unwilling to say how long it will take to host a simple forum and unable to answer any email support requests.

Our guess is lights out in less than 90 days.  Hope not though, we looked around, and there’s not much going for an “Expert reseller support advisor” in Gloucester.

4 Responses to “Technical Support Please…”

  1. Tony T Tiger Says:

    Yeah, I’m currently locked out of the control panel.
    Neither my old or the new password they sent me works
    and their support center phone numbers are unreachable every time i try.

    I have E-mailed twice now over the past couple of days and have received no reply apart from the automatic response.

    Unbelievably poor service. 😦

  2. Masher Says:

    Yes, I’m somewhat bemused that neither my old control panel password, nor my new one that arrived in the post, works.

    I rang the support number late t’other night and got a recorded message saying I was in queue position 52! Needless to say I didn’t stay on the line.

    On the whole, it doesn’t bother me too much as I’ve managed to change the mailbox passwords.

    But it does annoy me that several friends and relatives now use Fasthosts… on my recommendation.

  3. UK Hosting Company Says:

    We are currently in the process of transfing about 10 of their customers.

    Such a nightmare.

  4. Paul Says:

    Im currently just about to phone these muppets, to see what the deal is. Its a Sunday, so heres hoping its a bit quieter.

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