Fasthosts can’t cope with the volume.

December 12, 2007

The Fasthosts control panel login was recently augmented with a captcha widget.  While this is a great idea for security, and we support it’s use, it may also be demonstrating Fasthosts ability to cope with the number of login attempts that are expected the night before the ‘big password scramble’.

On 9 out of 12 attempts to log into the FH control panel today, the control pane captcha text was unable to offer us a string we could use to validate ourselves:

Fasthosts Login Problem

Clearly, this makes it very difficult to log in.  Perhaps the Techies down at Fasthosts HQ enjoyed the security experience of their customers not being able to log in, and have decided to extend this period.  Or perhaps the UK’s “#1 hosting company” is simply not able to cope.  You’ll have to make your own mind up because we can’t rule out either based on recent experiences.

Just another exampe of Fasthosts new PRIMARY CONCERN?  Where the security of your data and account is of paramount importance?  Sorry Fasthosts but this claim is entirely unbelievable while customers who are emailing for support have to put their Account Number and PIN into an unencrypted email in order to receive a reply.  …or have you not realised how you were hacked yet?

Yep, still Numpties!


5 Responses to “Fasthosts can’t cope with the volume.”

  1. Anonymous FH Reseller Says:

    It seems to be working now, but I just noticed that if you view the captcha image in a new browser window (, and refresh, it regenerates the same captcha string, but with a different image each time.
    Doesn’t regenerating the same captcha string but in a different way make it easier to analyze somehow, and therefore defeat the point? Or am I just being paranoid? 😉

  2. Niel Says:

    Well, after being a developer for a website hosted on fasthosts for over a year they recently decided to change the hosting package from FULL TRUST to a ‘CUSTOM TRUST’ level which broke our website INSTANTLY. Bearing in mind this is probably all down to the recent security scare that FastHosts have gone through to up the level of trust for shared hosted websites.

    Anyhow, the website relies on full trust for certain packages not having partial trust enabled – and theres no way to change this since we dont even have the source code to recompile with strong names and a new keyfile! – contacted fasthosts and their reply basically was to add a single line of code AllowpartiallyTrustedCallers() to the website and this would solve the problem.

    This sums up their support knowledge and how much they DONT know. They have basically said they cannot revert the changes to the permissions and wont do, although they could create a seperate application pool just to get the website running (which has been running for well over a year no problems!). Its all too much hassle for the muppets who have no idea what their doing..

    Basically, they changed their settings and broke the website – so its THEIR responsibility to fix it, not get in touch with the customer HOPING they even have the ability as well as access to the code to recompile with partial calls enabled.

    Utter toss support – were moving hosts by the way, to a company who knows what the fuck their doing and give a shit.

    I initially emailed Fast Hosts asking if they supported FULL TRUST as this was a requirement before purchasing a package, and they confirmed they did. Now changing their minds.

    Rant over.

  3. Rob Says:

    We are having the same problem with recordsets not working on a aspx site, all to do with this Trust level change, our site has been down for nearly 2 months now, its a joke.

    All Fasthosts say is to pay over £600 a year for a dedicated server,

    Where are you moveing your site to? as we are likely to do the same.

  4. David Says:

    I highly recommend I moved there about a year ago from fasthosts after several years of “give us your money and leave us alone” support.

  5. Helen Says:

    I’m a little late in the conversation, for the benefit of those who have had the misfortune to experience fasthosts as I did, I have now been with for almost a year and they have been great. HTH

    P.S. I still have loads of domains with UKReg ( also fasthosts ) and desperatly waiting for renewal to move.

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