Know your rights? Get Fasthosts to cancel YOU.

October 22, 2008

Would YOU do business with a company like this?

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Fasthosts have updated their Terms & Conditions.  Amongst other things, they have clarified their cancellation policy.  If you are considering opening an account with Fasthosts, take care to read the policy, and decide for yourself if this is the sort of company you want to do business with:

All hosting, email and dedicated server accounts are subject to a 12 month minimum contract term.


  • After the minimum contract period, customers may cancel any package by contacting the Customer Care team on +44 (0) 1452 561858 (Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:30pm UK time). Customers must provide details of the account/package to close, including the account Owner Password for verification. Fasthosts will not, under any circumstances, close an account without first confirming the Owner Password.
  • Customers will be required to complete a Closure Confirmation form, authorising the permanent removal of all website and email services on the account, from our system.
  • On receipt of a completed Closure Confirmation form, the account will be scheduled to close. Fasthosts will acknowledge the closure by sending an email to the email address registered on the account.
  • If Fasthosts do not receive the completed Closure Confirmation form within 14 days of sending, the cancellation request will be discarded and the account/package will remain open.
  • Any incentives that were offered to customers when opening their account will also be cancelled. Customers may be given the option to purchase services which were offered as start-up incentives, in the result of a cancellation.
  • Fasthosts reserves the right to cancel the service at any time.

This is particularly important to us, because we look after a large number of Fasthosts Customer Accounts, and we’ve been closing them down one by one for several months.  All of a sudden, Fasthosts have made this process considerably more difficult.  But let’s take a look at the detail of this process; Consider the following scenario:

As a new customer, you want a simple hosting account for your company website.  You’re a start-up so you register the domain, and open the account with Fasthosts, maybe populating the site with a simple holding page.  Six weeks later, you’re ready to go with your website, and your developer starts to load the code onto Fasthosts servers only to find out that essential services you need are not available, or require a premium payment.  You decide to bite the bullet and buy that database or additional space, but four weeks later Fasthosts take your website down during your main promotional push with no prior notification, and technical support tell you it’s a known issue that the engineers are working on, and generally patronise you (read about support).  Two days later your site is back on-line, you’ve missed a few hundred pounds of orders, so you decide you can’t risk a repeat of the situation.  When you start the process of closing your account, you discover you are committed to a 12 month minimum term.

Does this scenario sound unreasonable?  Think again.  We have 16 customers who have suffered precisely these circumstances, and we know FH resellers who are dealing with more.

The process of cancellation requires you to jump through so many hoops, FH clearly consider you to be a circus performer. Even if you complete their four week cancellation process, the account will be scheduled  to close.  There is no statement of how long before it is cancelled, and on their current record, you can almost guarentee that this will result in at least one months additional billing.

We would seriously question the legal integrity of this process, given the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations, and we may have the opportunity to exercise this if FH do not accept written cancellation as set out in these regulations over the next few months.

We are slowly winding down our own and our customers accounts on FH, so far having cancelled more than 50% of our positions. We are certain many companies and individuals are doing the same, and as a result FH have varied their terms to bleed their income streams that one month longer.

The last statement says it all.  It means: “Regardless of any convoluted process or sense of jeapordy we may have created in the process of cancelling your account, and the distinct lack of commitment or any timescale to cancellation, we can drop you instantly, without reference to you, and at your cost.”

Elsewhere in the Terms & Conditions, we find utterly unreasonable terms such as this (Broadband Related):

  • When you give us notice we will charge you for the remainder of the month you are in plus one full month’s notice.

There really should be a website dedicated to this sort of blatant profiteering.

But the most interesting is this:

Customers will only be entitled to a refund when the service is within a trial period, or where the service is cancelled by Fasthosts.
In the event that Fasthosts cancels the customer’s service, the customer will be entitled to a pro rata refund based upon the remaining period of membership. If a customer contravenes Fasthosts’ Terms of Service a refund may not be issued in the event of a cancellation..

So, if you want to cancel quickly, we advise you to find some way to cause Fasthosts to exercise their “right to cancel the service at any time”.  Good luck and post here if you manage it.


46 Responses to “Know your rights? Get Fasthosts to cancel YOU.”

  1. Andy Says:

    We’ve just been bitten by fasthosts as we attempted to leave. Their policy of invoicing *after* payment has been made is crazy. Yes, technically I have the ability to view all future payments to be made if I scoot forward by more than a year from their default month view. This is crazy if you have more than one package registered with them. To refund the package that we’re no longer going to use is ‘against their terms of service’ – even though we are a charity. So, it seems, is providing a reliable and approachable service. So very glad to be leaving them.

  2. azfreetech Says:

    Hmmm very interesting read! I just signed up as a reseller with Fasthost last month and already I am becoming disappointed with their lack of support and functionality. I have a year to “evaluate” their service free of charge. I thought this was good though…..

    One page of their website says this: “Accounts can be cancelled by the customer by following our cancelation process as detailed in our Terms of Service.”

    However, when you go to their terms of service page and do a search for just “cancelation process” you get nothing at all. FUnny how there are words misspelled though right? So, I corrected the spelling of CANCELLATION and and still got nothing at all. They refer you to their terms of service for information on how to cancel your account and then give you nothing……

  3. Martin Says:

    I have been stung by the new 12-month contract. I had wrongly assumed that an account with Fasthosts was, like most other hosts, able to be cancelled at anytime. However, after 24 hours+ of one of their servers being down (during which time I fed on BS and the line ‘we are aware of a problem and our team are working on it’), I opted for a new host and signed up with someone else. I transferred all my domains and then asked to cancel my account at FH. I was told to phone customer care, who then told me I could not cancel.

    I emailed the elusive ‘escalations’ department and didn’t get a reply within 14 days. I phoned again and was told that Escalations had emailed back but had sent the email to the wrong address (since when is thier incompetance my problem?) but, ultimately, they have refused to let me cancel even though they admit that the server was down for 24 hours ++.

    So now I am paying 2 lots of hosting and haven’t really got a leg to stand on.

  4. Robert Arthur Says:

    I am in exactly the same boat – except I had a dedicated server with them and they’ve taken over £1,000 out of my account without prior notification. The first I knew about it was an email saying “thank you for your payment” with an invoice attached – usually, one would expect to receive an invoice BEFORE payment is taken not at the same time! They gave me the same story as you and have refused to refund the money.

    As I was not expecting this money to go out, it has sent me way over my agreed overdraft limit and because it’s for such a large amount even when I get paid on Friday I will not have enough money in the bank to cover my mortgage repayment.

    Clearly being called FASThosts, the only form of peaceful protest available to me would be to stage a hunger strike outside their headquarters (geddit – staging a FAST outside FASThosts – something I am perfectly prepared to do as I literally now have nothing to lose) – I will be setting up a youtube channel to video my rapid decline in health, updating a twitter page and creating a facebook group so people can follow my progress.

    If nothing else, I hope that this action will raise awareness so that no-one else falls foul of their heavy handed and unfair terms and conditions.

    Any thoughts/advice/support would be appreciated.

    If anyone out there has contacts in the press who might be interested in following this story, please get in touch.

    Many thanks.

  5. lukevincent Says:

    Has anyone had any success getting Fasthosts to exercise their “right to cancel the service at any time”?

    Sadly I came across your site after I signed up for a new hosting package with Fasthosts. I had an account with them from years ago and at the time opened it under the name of a company I was starting. I’m no longer part of that venture but because the name is still on my FH account they refuse to honour their obligations under the distance selling regulations.

    When I signed up they had a 3 month free offer running which there was no way of opting out of. I only realised later that if you take the offer (remember no way of opting out) then you waive the 30day trial period and the 12 month contract becomes 18 months!!!

    I feel utterly scammed. I have no interest in giving a company like this my custom. There are many better hosting companies out there. Avoid Fasthosts at all costs.

  6. Jojo Says:

    I HAVE HAD A TERRIBLE PROBLEM WITH THEM! The are trying to say that we did not cancel our account with them when i called three times to check that it was cancelled. They have now taken the money out of our account for a service they haven’t even provided as we have switched hosts!!!! DO NOT USE FASTHOSTS! They have LIED and said that I never made any calls to cancel. Its a disgrace. I think i will contact watchdog at the BBC.

  7. GH Says:

    Off-topic but having just signed a client up i couldnt be more embarrased by the way we’ve been treated so far.

    – FTP timing out consistently. They flatly deny any responsibility and state that because they ‘couldnt replicate the issue’ they cant help, so its up to me to figure out why only their servers cause this out of a range of 10 hosting companies i use.

    – Tried to transfer a .eu domain through their online form which claims i need an Auth key. No other registrar on the planet requires an auth key for a .eu domain name, its a whole different process. The form wouldnt process without it so tried to call support. After 42 minutes of being on hold i got through to someone who insisted that it was possible to use the online form without the auth key. I got pissy with him and he hung up. I called again and after a 12 minute wait was told that it had to be done manually…

    – Tried to register a to use in the meantime and help with our server transition. The signup through fasthosts admin was smooth and fine. Got email confirmation etc. After 5 days of waiting for the domain i called (32 minutes this time) and was politely told the domain registration form wasnt working and this must be handled manually. After another 4 days nothing has happened.

    How is it possible one company can screw up the basics so badly??

  8. GH Says:

    Back on topic now – ive just attempted to cancel after 10 days of service – 3 days over their mysterious 12 month contract scam.

    After waiting a full 18 minutes (getting bored of timing these things) i got through to their ‘cancellation department’. Never before have i encountered a human so willing to dispute the basic logical argument of ‘you didnt provide me with a working service so im not paying’. After a heated debate over legality (what the hell do i know) and basic decency, i got hung up on AGAIN.

    Resolved to close this issue i called back and joined the endless queue again. I took the approach of being mr super nice guy and endlessly repeated ‘i know its not your fault, but…’. Within 5 minutes the nice lady agreed that no service had been delivered, waived the 12 month policy and cancelled my account.

    If the severance policy of Fasthosts is dictated by the mood of the numbskulls hired to man these phones then thats clearly some kind of violation.

  9. tony Says:

    I can only add negative comments here. 1st line support is adequate but 2nd line is appalling. Tickets run for weeks and Fasthosts close open tickets if they don’t like what you say or can’t get round to fixing it. They managed to allocate spam corrupted IPs to my new dedicated server and wouldn’t change the IPs. Go over quota on a dedicated server and the stats are screwed – permanently – and the quotas in the CentOS / Matrix control panel don’t work either – had a ticket running for over month on that and it won’t let me send any more comments.

    Cheap but sh*te.

  10. N Says:

    I would avoid them at all costs, they invoice after payment & dont refund for anything which youre not using.

    Fasthosts = Avoid

  11. John Newell Says:

    These people are thieves.Their cancellation terms and conditions are clearly unreasonable. They were unilaterally changed.

    For three years they have refused to accept cancellation, despite numerous emails. My bank stopped payments to them, but each year they try it again.

    Never use them.

  12. Mr x Says:

    Fasthosts could not do anything wrong in our eyes with one server that we had. However it went terribly wrong when we decided to purchase another server and connect them together with a Private LAN after gaining confidence via a sales person that they were the perfect solution to our needs.

    After man moons of holding on whilst clocking up a phone bill the support team failed to assist us despite promises “we will cal you back” –
    the support ticket was spectacularly cleared after someone simply sent a link to a server online manual!!!

    We attempted to cancel many times got into a HUGE argument with the sales guy who sold the package to us and were simply told to go away as we were tied in to a 12 month contract.

    We emailed the escalations department as advised, yet amazingly received emails from the support team advising us to contact the escalations department.

    You could not make it up.

  13. I’ve just been stung by their invoice after payment policy. I moved away from them last year after the security fiascal, but didn’t cancel the one hosting package I had before the renewal, so had to pay it plus the £20 charge for missing it (due to the lack of advance notice). I forgot to cancel it after that (why should I have to phone to cancel…) and exactly the same thing has just happened.

    Phoned the cancellations department, spoke to a patronising idiot who refused to cancel the account until I’d paid up. Excuse me? I’m asking to cancel the account, thereby not using the service, but you want me to pay for it?!?

    Fasthosts is simply a cash cow for taking people’s money and providing mediocre service. Web hosting has changed since the 90s, when will they realise this.

  14. Elija Says:

    I can only agree with the negative comments here. I’m not sure if I’m OK to post a direct link but just in case, you can read about my experience by going to

  15. M Says:


    Well, we are planning to leave. We’ve got a couple of free hosting months because they messed up so many times and one of the things they did they couldn’t wriggle out of denying…

    The next bill date is 11 Dec.

    Can someone please advise me on how best to navigate their cancellation process so that we can leave without them billing us for December?

    Unfortunately I will need up until December to move all our customers onto out lovely new reseller account at Heart Internet.

  16. Maija Says:

    Can anyone help? I want to leave Fasthosts. I won’t be billed the £57 reseller fee until Dec 11th as we got a three months free goodwill gesture. I will need until December to transfer all my customers elsewhere I expect. I am paying monthly but I want to avoid paying the monthly fee for December. I can’t find out anything about the FH cancellation policy and I don’t want to alert them to my intentions until I absolutely have to. Can anyone give me some advise about the steps I need to take? I am even considering cancelling the credit card on our account to prevent payments beyond a specific date! M

  17. daryl Says:


    I opened a basic linux hosting account with Feckhosts

    The following day I had problems with their database creation so I submitted a support ticket- after 13 hours I got fed up waiting for a reply and asked them to cancel the account.

    I now seem to be stuck in a loop resubmitting requests. Their response times are awfull- 25, 24 and 72 hours.

    Am I not covered under the distance selling act?

  18. Mr Big boss Says:

    My goodness. Well after registering with fasthost, I tried to upload my previous website. This proved to be near on impossible, so I decided to start from scratch. After finishing I published it, but noticed a spelling mistake. I tried to go back in and edit it but that has become the biggest and hardest job in the history of mankind. After a day I decided fasthost wasn’t for me and wanted to cancel. I was told I am bound to a contract for 12 months and can not leave.

    So the problem is that they can not help me but at the same time I am not allowed to leave and get someone else to help.

    So now I have to change the domain name, inform all my clients, advertisers and change all my business cards.

    Thanks Fasthost, at least you took your money quickly.

  19. Olly Says:

    Hello. Can someone please give me some advice because i am in a really big pickle right now. See, I am 14 years old… which changes a few things. I have recently discovered that my pocket money isn’t going to be able to fund my website that i have had with slowhosts for quite a while but not a year… and i really need to get it canceld with in say 5 months before my natwest account drys up and they bring out the old: if you dont pay us we will charge you 4 times more as a penalty… and i really can’t end up in dept im 14.

    It wasn’t really made clear that i had to be over 18 to sign up at the time… they didn’t ask me for my date of birth or anything like that and i made the bad assumption that i would be able to cancel my account like that if i needed to… online. Oh sugar! did some research on how to cancel your hosting package and i come up with this page saying its one of those companys that worships satan.

    So heres what i could do: ring them up and tell them i need to cancel my account, they say i cant because i have signed an online contract stating i have to stay with them for the remaining 12 months, then i say, ‘well thats the thing, im under 18 and to my knowlage i cant be subjected to any contract’. Some how a get the feeling that this is the kind of company that will take this opportunity to sue my parents for allowing me to illegally sign a contract even though my parents actually have no idea about this. Is this the case? What do i do? Would it be just better if i just don’t cancel my account and cancel my WoW account instead so i can fund slowhosts account? any help would be appreciated. thx 🙂

    • no2fasthosts Says:

      Olly – Please talk to your parents about this.

      Good Luck

    • Sam Says:

      Olly, did you actually SIGN something provided from FastHosts and then you faxed it back to them OR did you just TICK a box saying you agree? Because within the UK, you MUST sign it, you cannot just agree as it could have been anyone pretending to be you! So by law they must CANCEL your subscription straight away. Goodluck!

  20. BoB Bobbington Says:

    If anyone is still watching this, I have been through this process on a grand scale. I have bought dozens of dedicated boxes through fasthosts, and due to there lack of interaction with dedicated serves, we have been largely trouble free. Except for several very notable exceptions.

    A hard disc failed in one of our servers, and we were told that we had to back all the websites up and they would replace the disc and we could put all the websites back. I explained how there were approx. 100+ small brochure sites on there, and re-setup would take us days, could they just mirror the disc? We would accept the downtime for that. No. The hardware failure is there fault and responsibility, but apparently it’s the customers job to fix it.

    They are ok for the money, and at the time we got the servers they were very good value. But now others are as cheap, for example 1&1 internet, and 1&1 have excellent support. Move, but don’t give the techies too much of a hard time, they are being screwed by the management royally..

  21. Axis wheela Says:

    God i wished we had seen this page before we signed up with the thieving ******ds, they’re bleeding us dry and when they take over 100 pound out of our account for a service we didn’t know we had and that we could have downloaded for free, they charged us £20.00 cus there was no money in our account to pay for our monthly subscription. A word of advice if your not sure AVOID FASTHOSTS they will steal your money!!!

  22. TyncOxymn Says:

    Various of guys write about this subject but you said some true words!!

  23. Martin Koss Says:

    I had a client’s website hosting bill not paid because their debit card had expired. Because it was the run-up to Christmas, we didn’t do anything about it quickly and, once I’d paid the outstanding bill, got an email to say “an application has been sent to (wherever) for a late payment charge of £29” and then a few hours later, sure enough I got an email saying I’d (my client) had been charge the inevitable £20.

    But for what? What ‘admin’ was involved? NONE.
    How many ‘man (or woman) minutes’ did my oversight cost them? NONE.
    How many keystrokes did a real human have to make? NONE.
    How much ‘admin’ was involved in the entirety of my bill being issued, re-issued, payment being submitted, payment being received, admin charge applied? NONE.

    Just because it’s in their T&C they exercise the opportunity to scam £20 every chance they get and then, although they want us to use their website for everything, we have to jump through bloody hoops to get an account cancelled.

    I absolutely hate the company and would NEVER EVER EVER EVER have ANYTHING to do with them EVER EVER AGAIN!

  24. daryl mushtaq Says:

    Re the £20 late fee-

    Surely this is a punitive charge and therefore contestable??? Mind you though “not-so-very”Fasthosts are contemptible and have a history of ignoring legal rulings, see ASA and Fasthosts…

    Even my credit card doesn’t charge that much any more!!!

  25. Pete Duncanson Says:

    I’m currently in dispute with them. They say I never made a cancellation request because there is nothing in their logs regarding it. Its a case of computer says no. So I’m making a Data Protection Act “subject access request” for all the phone logs, support logs, email logs, etc that they have on me so I can make my own mind up about it.

    You can read more about the DPA here:

    If you want to do the same out of interest or to annoy you can use the template below:

    [Your full Address]
    [The Date]

    Dear Sir or Madam

    [Your full name and address and fasthosts customer number and any incident numbers]

    Please send me the information which I am entitled to under section 7(1) of the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to all phone logs, email logs, support logs etc which relate to any communication I have had with you or any internal communication relating to my account.

    If you need further information from me, or a fee, please let me know as soon as possible.

    If you do not normally handle these requests for your organisation, please pass this letter to your Data Protection Officer or another appropriate officer.

    Yours faithfully


  26. Paul O Says:

    This company is awful. I signed up with a .net developer account after being assured it would run my web application. The app relies on external libraries (which was made clear at the time) and it turns out that their set up on this package will not allow web apps to use dll’s. We found this out after several weeks of troubleshooting and waiting for their (utterly useless) support to get back to us, and by the time we discovered that the problem did indeed lie with the package we were outside the allowed time limit to cancel (whatever that limit is). They suggested perhaps using a dedicated server set up instead. Yeah right. And pay an extra £200ish on top of what I’m already paying. I don’t think so. I attempted to cancel via email, they said I had to call. I called and was on hold for 15 mins+ before giving up. I had a few more attempts and resorted to email again. Same response. In the end I sent them a snotty email saying to cancel the account and remove all my details from their system, I would not be wasting anymore time attempting to contact them. No response to that. Sure enough, the time came round for renewal and they stung me for a further year. I phoned and (surprisingly) got through first time. I had a good ol’ rant at the guy on the other end and he said as I hadn’t called the cancellation team prior to the renewal date the service would continue and the charge would stand. I ended up paying a further £100ish for another year, despite the fact the site is now hosted elsewhere.


  27. richard hamilton Says:

    I have not read the FH T&C’s, but they must agree to provide you with a reasonable service, and if they do not then they are failing as a supplier. So when sites go down for 24 hours or more, they are not providing a service, which must be a breach of contract on their part. In any case, if you cease to use them and block any future payments. When the debt collection agency pursues you, just tell them you dispute the debt and want to goto court, they will relay this back to FH. Then just goto court and let a judge decide what is right or wrong. I wasted over a year haggling with Pipex, in the end I gave up and started a small claims action against them. Finally their legal department goto involved, who were equally incompetent, and we all went to court. I won.

    I will never waste my time again with big faceless companies, I will just goto court and let the law decide.

    Hope this helps someone, as these organisations are getting so automated and faceless you will waste loads of time and money.

  28. David Steer Says:

    Yes fasthosts seem to have started this with me. It happened to me with Demon Internet about 7 years ago I ended up paying over a years worth of charges that I didn’t want to pay. With them you had to send a cancellation fax to them and guess what? for some reason they weren’t receiving them, so the never ever canceled my account. When I pulled the credit card they kept on billing me and then threatened me with Bailiffs! In the end I was lucky enough to get a disgruntled employee to side with me and she managed to get it canceled otherwise I suspect I would still be paying now!

    I have asked to cancel and the cancellation team still haven’t contacted me.

    they must think we’re daft ……… plus I’ve got lots of business with them ……… I only want to cancell one hosting package ……… but if they keep on this way I’m going to cancel and transfer all of them.

    Demon internet did this when they were going out of business.

    Maybe fasthosts are going out of business and this is their last desperate attempt to suck money out?

  29. Jay Says:

    I wish i’d seen this before i signed up!!

    I have had a fasthosts account for the past 2 years and am thinking of cancelling hence searching google for information on fasthosts.

    I’ll be calling them tomorrow!

    Wish me luck !!!

  30. Steve Sole Says:

    I have just been stung (again) after cancelling one of my services. I would suggest that you avoid Fasthosts at all costs, they have no comprehension of customer service and seem almost contemptuous when they speak to you and you dare to suggest a refund.
    I was so incensed this morning that I have decided to cancel ALL the services with them. Fasthosts, could I suggest that you look up the meaning of ‘lifetime value’ and ‘customer service’ and try and adopt some of those principles?

  31. Dave Says:

    I have used Fasthosts since 1999 and they used to be very good. Mid 2009 I noticed the service die! They were suddenly not in the UK but i assume phillipines. To contact them to explain that the site was down, by the time they answered the phone the issue was resolved and to then be told ‘well it’s working now, it shouldnb’t be a problem’ is unforgivable. Having said that for 2010 the websites have been very good but it is too little too late for me. I now run my own server. I would not use fasthosts again. We lost business because of them!

  32. Jason Says:

    I was told by the sales guy I spoke to a year ago that it was a 12month contract, I’ve since found out it was an 18month contract when I tried to cancel. I have now received an email telling me they’re increasing the prices!!!!

    ” In order to continue to offer the high levels of service you are expecting from us we have further invested in our infrastructure, and it has subsequently become necessary to provision a small increase to your subscription payment. ”

    Their high level of service is non-existant so quite how they can justify a price increase during a contract period is beyond me.


    Their service is poor and they’re unethical in the way they do business.

    I never right reviews…. but never before I suffered at the hands of this company like this. Please, don’t use them.

  33. Conrad Says:

    Well, I think worse still is that Fasthosts do not inform you before sign-up that any client-based email or FTP application using their basic or advanced email services will not be secure! That’s right, it they only support clear-text authentication, despite saying their email offerings are “fully secured”. I will be trying to cancel my account as I didn’t complete the sign-up process online, or read the Terms & Conditions… I was telephoned after I put my personal details in a sign-up form and it was done over the phone… so I didn’t see or agree to the Terms and Conditions before sign-up. As far as I am concerned, the contract is going to be null and void. Distance Selling Regulations apply here and and as I didn’t get to see/hear any terms related to DSR, the longer limit set down by law applies for my ‘cooling off’ period and so I have cooled right off and will be out of there.

  34. mike hill Says:

    i have had nothing but trouble with farcehosts
    i told them i didnt want a package they had set up the year before and i had to reply to an email i didnt expect to see from the closure team i assumed it was a confirmation as i had told them i wanted to cancel it. Guess what they charged me and did this on 2 other times. i told i wanted to pay the dedicated server off to get my credit card off the server and they wont do it. my last payment just went out and they wont take the credit card off the server even though i dont owe them anything. they are crap…

  35. Ian Skelly Says:

    I have just started what sounds like will be a long and painfull closure procedure. Having read all here, everything I do will be put in writing, and sent registered post I think.

    I pretty well expect a court case from what you are all saying.

    Still I have a year to go as, by refusing to answer my calls, I have had to pay for renewal.

  36. Dave Says:

    I am exactly in the same information – this is utter rubbish.

    I never used fasthosts because I found it wasnt very good – now I’m stung with a 12 month contract.


  37. Martin Bentley Says:

    I signed up with Fasthosts under the impression that they had a 30 day cancellation policy.(I got that from the link to FH). After a great deal of hassle and email exchanges I got my site uploaded and ‘hey presto’ didn’t work. No surprise to any of you guys I know but I didn’t expect these problems. My site is based around microsoft and MVC architecture. I was assured by all the FH bumf up that they supported the latest MS technology so I naturally expected everything to work…….After weeks of emails during which time it became clear that the people was dealing with didn’t have a clue what they were doing, I was told “we do not support microsoft MVC”. Naturally I wanted to cancel as I had not only been messed around big time but that I had been seriously mis-sold and purchased something that was completely useless to me. I have now been told that I am contracted for 12 months and that I must continue to pay them. I am so cosmically angry with these people that I intend to instruct my bank not to pay any more money to them……Has anyone else done this? What was the outcome?

  38. Phil Says:

    I needed to cancel one of my web site packages, not able to find a way of doing it through the control panel, tried waiting for hours on the support line – in the end I called through to sales (answered straight away) and got given this number: 01452 561 858

    Called it, answered within a few rings, couple of questions about why I was cancelling, web hosting package cancelled and confirming email in my inbox within 2 minutes – couldn’t have been simpler.

  39. Jamie Foale Says:

    I just called the number above, and I have to say that it couldn’t have been easier, unless they renege on their promise to close them tomorrow. The lady who worked there said thats no problem. If problems do arise I will be back on here!
    ps I swear on my mothers life I don’t work for them!

  40. Bard of Ely Says:

    I have just lost 70GBP to Fasthosts that took it out of my account when I wasn’t expecting it and left me in a mess because I needed that money and have had to borrow to get by. There was no warning just an email to say it had been done. I have combed their very difficult to navigate site looking for a way to cancel my account but cannot find such an option. I mailed support to complain and say I want a refund because I was not aware they were going to charge me for a domain I don’t even use and want my money refunded and want to cancel my account with them. I have had two replies saying they are working on my inquiry and are hoping to “Resolve the issue as quickly as possible”. Nearly a week has gone by. It’s a simple matter. All they have to do is close my account. If I have lost my money I would still like my account closed as I never want to have anything more to do with the company and deeply regret ever having used them!

  41. I am also in dispute with Fast Hosts. I originally spoke to a sales guy and yes I don’t have it in writing as it was a telephone conversation. But signed up for a VPS and ask if I could cancel. Sure they said if you are not happy you have 28 days, I was not happy with the service so I did just that. And now I am linked to a 12 month contract.

    I have had to cancel my card in order to resolve this.

    Will never use again. I now use TMDhosting who are in America and are brilliant!

  42. Stavros Says:

    Please! Can you help me? I need help! I paid my last payment and I told em to close the account but they don’t reply!!!

    How can I make them cancel it ?

  43. We are a hosting company and over the past few years, many of our customers have come from FastHosts.

    Most of the people complaining about the quality of service, constant hosting and email interuptions/outages, and lately we have heard of this £20 admin charge.

    We just think its outrageous to charge someone to leave your service, it just doesn’t make sense!

  44. TS Says:

    Has anyone every made a successful claim against FastHosts via, I have the same problem I want to cancel the one year contract (currently 1 month into it) but they will not refund the money for the rest

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